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Published: 23rd February 2010
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The concept of clothing sweater

This refers to the wool sweater weave knit system, which is the meaning of the general population agree that, in fact, "sweater" has now become synonymous with a class of products, that is used to refers to "knitted sweaters" or "gross knitwear. "
Wool knitwear that is mainly used are wool, cashmere, angora and other animal hair fibers spun into yarn as the main raw material after the woven fabric, such as rabbit sweaters, Shetland sweaters, lambswool sweater, acrylic Shandeng and so on are "sweater" big family.
Sweater Clothing History and Trend Analysis
Cardigan sweater garment known as clothing, also known as wool knitted garments, yarn, or wool is chemical fiber yarn woven knitwear. Around 1000 BC, the Euphrates and Tigris river basin in West Asia have appeared in hand-woven wool knitwear. Machine knitting wool garments are seen in modern times, AD 1862, the Americans invented the double-negative RIW Ram knitting machine, to produce the sweaters in their clothing forming tablets, used to sew into clothing, equipment marking the beginning of knitting wool knitting garment .
China used to produce yarn in the knitting machine sweater clothing more than 80 years of history. Before the liberation, Sweaters garment production technology is backward, mainly relied on imports of raw materials, knitting, garments, dyeing and finishing equipment is very primitive. After the liberation, especially from since the early 80s, China's sweaters clothing design, production process, technology and equipment has been significant progress.
Because of the comfort properties of wool fabric is also very favorable in recent years, also used as raw materials and knitted underwear shirt raw materials, and its inherent characteristics of transformation. People are optimistic about taking the performance of the fine wool fabric, and is committed to the development of new wool fabric finishing process, such as machine washing wool finishing, soft bright wool finishing, finishing a cool dry, cool wool, wool a more optimized performance, so that it can meet the a variety of clothing needs.
With the improvement of people's living standards, people become even more demand for light cool clothing, soft, flexible, extensible, and drape well, good ventilation, and fashionable, brightly-colored clothing. Because these requirements is where the superiority of knitwear garments, therefore, makes the sweater in the whole area of apparel garments occupy a greater importance. Clothing is currently being sweater coat, serialization, fashion-oriented, artistic, and high-grade, brand-oriented direction.
Common Materials Made
Sweater production of raw materials, there are pure wool, rabbit wool, cashmere and so on. Of raw materials, namely Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and abroad in Australia, Sri Lanka, Argentina and Uruguay.
Sweater selection of raw materials according to their different classifications
? sweater
With sheep wool as raw material, is the most popular knitted sweaters, its needle path clear, bright and clean surface-shirt, fat light foot, bright color, fullness of flexible handle; sweater more durable, affordable.
? cashmere sweater
Also known as cashmere (English Cashmere) T-shirt, with cashmere for raw materials, is a sweater in the Acura. Its lightweight warm, tender and beautiful ornate, delicate touch slippery, soft and comfortable; as thin cashmere fiber is short, its easy to play the ball, wear sweater sex than normal, while scarce resources because of cashmere, cashmere sweaters and therefore expensive.
? Lambswool Sweater
The minor's lamb's wool as raw material, it is also known as lamb sweater, woolen sweater is the product of the continent. As the lamb capillary and soft, so delicate soft Lambswool sweater, affordable.
? Shenandoah Sweater
Originally originating in the United Kingdom Shetland Island Shetland wool as raw material, mixed with coarse-cavity hair, feel slight tingling, Shetland sweaters generous leavening, natural rough mad played the ball less hard milling low prices. Now have this style of sweater sweater known as the Shenandoah, the Shenandoah hair style has become synonymous with coarse mad.
? Rabbit Sweater
Generally use a certain proportion of rabbit hair and wool textile mixed system is the fiber rabbit sweater features thin, smooth waxy feel the surface, flowing hair, color soft, fluffy and good, comfortable chic, wearing the hair easy to fall off the surface, warmth of better than wool clothing; if we adopt the first into a T-shirt, post-dyeing process (ie, after the first weaving dyeing process) which allows it to be more pure color, colorful, unique, especially suitable for young women, made jackets.
? yak hair sweater
The Tibetan Plateau yak hair used as raw material, its style less in the cashmere sweater, feeling silky delicate and difficult to play the ball, while the prices are much lower than the cashmere sweater, but the yak hair sweater color is monotonous, appropriate for men.
? mohair sweater
Originating in the mountains with Angela wool as raw material, its crystal gloss shine and feel soft, smooth and flexible, lightweight leavening, the permeability can not afford the ball, wearing a comfortable warm and durable, is a high quality product, prices are high.
? alpaca sweater
Originating in Chile in order to alpaca wool as raw material, fiber thick slippery feel creamy and flexible, with natural pigment, leavening extensive and difficult to play ball, warm and durable, the rise in recent years as a high-end products, higher prices ordinary sweater.
? chemical fiber sweaters
The common feature is a lighter clothing. Such as acrylic sweater, acrylic varicosities Weft system for general use, gross type feeling strong, bright color, texture, light, soft leavening, regain only 0-4.5%, fiber tensile strength higher than the wool fibers will not be moth-eaten, but the the elastic recovery rate of less than wool, warmth of less than a pure wool sweater, cheap, but easy to play the ball, suitable for children's clothing. Recently, the international market, with acrylic, nylon blended yarn imitation rabbit, modified acrylic imitation mohair yarn into a sweater with its natural rabbit, mohair garments is comparable.
? animals, wool and chemical fiber blended sweaters
With a variety of animal hair and chemical fibers "complementary characteristics", its gross appearance of a sense of anti-extension strength improved, reducing the cost sweater is inexpensive products. However, in the blended sweater, there are different types of fiber dyeing, absorption capacity of different color dyeing effect caused by undesirable issues.
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